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Professional Dog Trainers

The only Training Facility Primarily Dedicated Specifically to the sport of shed hunting

Born out of a lifelong love of dog training. Starting back in the 1960’s, we began as bird dog trainers. Through the years our curiosity and drive to increase our knowledge of training led us to study with some of the world’s most esteemed and influential training educators of our time. Based on the knowledge learned over the years we have been lucky enough to train not only dogs but horses, and birds and even have a working knowledge of marine mammal training. 


Many years ago, we recognized shed hunting as a great sport and one that could be made even better by going with your best friend, your dog.  When we started training Shed Antler Dogs, there was no such thing.  We had to develop the system from the ground up. We had to select the best dog suited for the sport and how to train them to detect and retrieve Antler Sheds. Since we began Antler Dogs the sport has become the fastest growing man dog sport in the United States to date.  It has a large appeal to young the old and everyone in between and is great for families.


Since the inception of Antler Ridge, we have successfully trained over 500 dogs in 35 states and in also Canada and Europe. Training is our passion and our dogs, and their owners are considered part of our family.  We love what we do and believe it shows in our work. We welcome visitors to Antler Ridge and will answer any questions about our dogs or how we can help you with your own dog.

  The First and The Best

Antler Ridge Antler Dogs

         Since 2004


Here at Antler Ridge, we have found that training a dog to sniff out and retrieve shed antlers has proven to be the most challenging and rewarding task for any owner.  When we teach a dog to find sheds, we are asking him to search for an object that looks much like a stick and the scent is virtually undetectable to humans.  

Hunters and non-hunters alike have a passion for finding sheds.  A shed antler is a one-of-a-kind treasure, and finding one is always special.  Now the thrill and excitement of shed hunting can even be more enjoyable by joining forces with an antler sniffing friend - your own personal shed antler seeking machine, your antler dog!


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