Our experience with Roger and Sharon has been nothing but amazing.   Sharon, Roger, and Amy have become part of our family over the last 10 years.     Our story with Antler Ridge started with the Foxy Lady aka the Princess.   We had been talking to Roger about his program and what kind of dog we were looking for.   My husband is an avid shed hunter and was looking for a dog he could take along with him in hopes to find a few more sheds each year.   Roger said I think I have the dog you are looking for a little yellow started female.   At the time we were not sold on yellow labs and Roger said I think she fits just what you are looking for and he was sure right.   Foxy and Norman have traveled many miles together and she has found 100s of wild sheds along the way.  She has also been very competitive in the competition hunts as well along the way.   She is our once in a lifetime dog that just wants to please you no matter what.    Since Foxy we have sent several of our other labs to Sharon and Roger and they have done a fantastic job with them as well.     We want to thank you for treating us and our dogs like family. 


Norman and Rusti Henderson

We wanted a well- trained and loyal companion ,for shed hunting in Ireland 


Roger ,Sharon &Amy 

Are just the most wonderful team 


The Antler dog  team brought the amazing Poppy into our lives ,very much encouraging being involved in their training process .


Poppy left antler Ridge to live with me in Ireland, a journey they helped to make effortless.


Roger ,Sharon & Amy have become life long Friends