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Meet Roger

     Roger Sigler has been an innovator and business entrepreneur for most of his adult life, has always been actively involved in animal training. As an active member of the German Shorthair Club, he field trialed his own dogs for years. In 1968 he started training professionally and over the next 38 years trained hundreds of dogs.


      Sporting breeds were his specially: pointers, shorthairs, Labradors, etc. To expand his training as much as possible he spent every year for 25 seasons on the Canadian prairie with his string of dogs. His interests in training lead him to work in other training venues, such as Schutzhund, a German discipline focused on guard, obedience and scent work. Roger worked with many of the top scent dog trainers, nationally. He has spent hundreds of hours in seminars and hands-on courses with human and animal training experts.


     After years of study and all the while working with dogs, horses, and mules, Roger developed his own technique of animal training. Using no force or harsh treatment of his animal student, has allowed him to gain their trust and co-operation so that they enjoy the task that they are asked to perform. This led to the development of the science of participative training.


     He has also worked with others who had trained everything from bomb detection, drug dogs, and search and rescue. With such a diverse background Roger felt that it would be possible to expend the world of dog training into the sport of shed antler hunting. And so, it was 16 years ago Roger began the sport as we know it today there was not Antler Dogs before Roger started training them. No one else had explored, much less developed a way of teaching the dogs to hunt for the antler sheds. It was his thought that certain breeds of dogs could be trained to find antler sheds and today he is proving his belief to be correct. To date he and his staff have trained hundreds of dogs in nearly every state, Canada and Europe.


     Roger has been featured in many national magazines Outdoor TV shows and has conducted seminars at various sports shows around the country.

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