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Roger and Sharon Sigler have long been master trainers and they are the best in the business.  In fact, they have successfully trained horses as well as many other animals.  Together they have an amazing ability to communicate with animals and earn their love plus respect. 

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At Antler Ridge, we use what we call the Science of Participative training. We developed our style of training from years of studying with some of the world's best and most accomplished animal trainers. Our method is based on science and reward – By that it is meant that there is no pinching, hitting or violence that is ever used to encourage cooperation from our students. All of our teaching is reward based and the worst thing that can happen to one of our students is that they will not receive a treat. It is because we use this method that we are able to start our students at 8 weeks of age and move them along quickly – This could never happen using a fear-based training method. We have found our method to be extremely effective. All animals are either moving towards pleasure or moving away from pain. We motivate them by encouraging them to move towards pleasure.

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